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Myriad Films is an award-winning cinematic videography company based in North Yorkshire, specialising in weddings and events. 


Using 4K cinema cameras, we craft timeless visual productions, edited and colour-graded to the highest standard.


Emma and Ritch are a husband-and-wife team with over 15 years in the creative arts (including 8 years working across the USA); our work has been featured by BBC, RSPCA, Naturewatch Foundation, HMV, Maverick Magazine and Abbey Road Studios. 


At Myriad, our team’s relaxed and friendly approach enables us to capture the most natural and joyful moments seamlessly. We capture footage in an unobtrusive way so you can enjoy every moment of your special day or event without reservation. 

We offer a free, informal phone consultation so don’t hesitate to drop us a message to say Hi!

A range of packages to suit your event are available here we hope you enjoy watching our wedding and event films :) 



Hi my name is Emma. I guess I'm usually your first point of contact & joint business owner with Ritch. I've been in the creative industry for a very long time both behind and in-front of the lens.

I love telling stories through videography & writing. I first began my videography infatuation when I lived in America, I constantly found myself in unusual places and it seemed only natural to start documenting and archiving those once-in-a-lifetime memories.

My focus is in the detail, I love finding those hidden gems and stunning creations that can often go unnoticed. I also believe in non-intrusive filming and candid imagery. I aim to capture all the moments that may pass you by on such a busy day. 

Oooo more about me.. I love spontaneous adventures, walking with my daughter Eloise. Learning about different cultures. Santorini is my favourite destination, I love Korma, cake and mozzarella. I love searching for the perfect gift. I enjoy half a cup of tea (isn't a full cup just a little too much?) ! My TV time is limited but I do crave a dark comedy! I only grew adult taste-buds this year adding coffee and dark chocolate to the new mum survival kit... not yet a fan of olives or papaya though. I love watching figure skaters and I think it's a really underrated sport. I dream daily of my own vw camper! My favourite colour is currently mustard. There's no better feeling than sitting in a theatre, I recently saw the Book of Mormon which was fantastic and well, you can't beat a bit of The Lion King. My favourite book is Shantaram & my favourite season Autumn!

I'm a perfectionist and a workaholic which is great news for you guys! : ) We love what we do and give everything to every project. We feel so grateful that our job allows us to travel, form new friendships and most importantly... make others happy. We never take that for granted. x


Hey I'm Ritch. Alongside Emma I have been lucky enough to travel the world as a piano player/guitarist and later as a camera-operator and video editor. 


Somewhere along the line I developed a love for cinematography, which has defined my approach of using vintage lenses alongside modern digital equipment to capture the most aesthetically pleasing visuals. 


In life there is so much I love, I actually don’t have time to fit it in! I’m a grown-up Grunge kid of the 90s who listened to Pearl Jam and Nirvana, and also R.E.M., Bjork, Fiona Apple….I’m a big book collector who is in awe of writers like Philip Pullman, Leo Tolstoy, Anne Rice, Tolkien, Roberto Bolano…and I’m a the proudest of Dad’s to our daughter Eloise :) x


I love meeting people from different cultures and believe that meeting as wide a range of people as humanly possible will lead to the healthiest outlook on life. 


On an ideal day? You might find me swimming on a Mediterranean island, getting real with a Nintendo Switch (with the Test Match cricket on in the background!), glass of wine in hand and about to start cooking for dinner…

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