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Do I need a video?

We have heard it mentioned that not having a film made is one of the biggest regrets following weddings and events. Couples can rewatch their wedding videos many times, especially when spending time with friends and family who could not be present on the big day. 

Events of any kind (festivals, arts/culture, businesses etc.) all benefit greatly from having their best moments documented on film - it is a timeless way to relive the day and also to promote future events. 



How far in advance should I book for weddings?

We recommend booking as soon as you have your wedding date and/or venue set. We are often booked well in advance. We will take the occasional last-minute booking so feel free to drop us a message :)



Why is Videography costly?

Videos takes time! We shoot on high-end cinematic cameras to create professional films using the very best lenses for each part of the day. We may end up with more than 20 hours of footage to compile, editing the best parts into a coherent narrative and carefully colour grading the clips; this process can take weeks. We shoot 4K Raw footage with enormous file sizes and every part of the process, including audio mixing, we carry out in a fully professional manner, just as video content you see on film and television. 


We use multiple cameras to capture your story from multiple perspectives and angles. From the groom's reaction to the bride walking down the aisle (or vice versa!), this can present a beautiful and emotive narrative


We care about our work and we believe in taking the right amount of time to produce the highest possible content. When you are hiring a cinematic videographer you are, in effect, commissioning a short film! 



How long will it take to get my video?

For wedding films we advise a turnaround of 8-10 weeks. 

We may be able to accomplish smaller projects faster and we will give you a timescale estimate for bespoke videos or shorter highlights reels.



How do you work?

Our style is friendly, relaxed and fun, but also unobtrusive. If you would like to interact with the film and “be involved” in the making of scenes on the day, we will encourage and enjoy this with you. If you prefer a fly-on-the-wall style of filmmaking, we are happy to take a background approach. We have been around professional events and projects for many years and always work in a polite, professional manner. We also have public liability insurance which covers any incident involving us or our equipment in relation to the event and its guests.




What’s the difference between a Short Film and a Highlights Video?

Our preferred style of Wedding Video is what we call a Short Film. This will usually be between 6-10 minutes in length, set to music, and featuring some audio and footage from the ceremony and speeches. The shoot will cover everything from early morning preparations right up until the first dance. We find this length to be the “sweet spot” for maximum emotional impact without becoming overly long. Multiple camera angles, musical changes and a cinematic story-telling style define our approach to the Short Film. 


With the short film you will also receive a separate video of your Speeches in full, edited with two different camera angles.

A Highlights Video is a smaller package we offer that usually encompasses the ceremony, the reception, clips of the speeches and everything up until the first dance. This may be a slightly shorter film and more like a traditional music video. For couples who do not require coverage of the full morning prep or a longer filmic style, this is the perfect choice to relive the day. 

Longer films of 40-90 minutes are available as part of our premium Big Bang Package. This is a full feature film with highlights of the day and the entire ceremony and speeches edited chronologically into the days' events. 


Can we use our favourite song in the video? 

It's important to make you aware of this early. Without permission from the copyright holder of a recording it's incredibly difficult to be granted the right to use their music…it would cost a lot too! This is why we use high quality royalty-free music. If we were to use your favourite song it would quickly be flagged and taken down online, and it also would not be legal to do so. However, we carefully handpick beautiful music that is fully licensed and works perfectly as an emotive backdrop. 


How do I get my video?

We will deliver your film via an online Vimeo Showcase page, an industry-standard video site with no advertising. Here you can share and download the original full-size files and even save straight to your phone’s camera roll.


How do I book?

Feel free to send Emma a message via the contact page and she will happily give you a email or call for a friendly chat. If you choose to proceed, we will send you a booking from and our terms of conditions. If you would rather meet in person we are happy to meet for a coffee and talk things over!



My venue has asked for insurance, can you provide this?

Yes, of course! We have public liability insurance as well as specialised drone insurance which is often required by venues. 


What is the charge for traveling?

All travel to weddings/events within Yorkshire is included in our package. Further afield we use a standard £0.45 per mile calculation to cover travel costs. We will discuss this in advance with you if necessary. 



When do I pay?

To secure a booking we require a deposit of 20% and payment in full before on or before the day of your event. Further details in our T&Cs. 


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